Lemon pickle:

Pickle is an essential part of our Indian meal and we South Indians enjoy our pickle with curd rice as the last leg of our meal, which will tickle and will remain for some time in our taste bud with its right amount of salt, spice, sour, tangy and tartness.

This particular pickle is the non-oily, south Indian style, which I learnt from my mom. This pickle has lemon, green chillies and ginger and goes very well with curd rice.


Lemons – 15

Ginger – 50 Gms

Green chillies – 5

Salt – ¾ cup

Water – 1 ½ to 2 cups.


Dried red chillies – 28 -30

Mustard – 2 Table spoons

Hing – peanut size

Fenugreek – 1 tsp

Cumin – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Oil- 1 to 1 ½ tsp


-Wash lemon, ginger and green chillies. Pat dry and chop however you like it.

-Boil water and salt together.

-When it is ready, you could see the glossy, shiny layer at the top.

-Drop all the chopped items to this. Boil till lemon rind becomes pale. Switch off and keep this for cooling.

-Gradually while cooling, the lemon rind will wilts and rind will fold backwards, don’t worry. It would become normal once it sets/marinates properly.

-Next, we will prepare the pickle masala.

-Dry roast mustard until it pops, remove and keep aside.

-Take one teaspoon of oil, roast fenugreek, cumin, hing one by one and keep it aside.

-Lastly, fry red chillies until it forms crisp with very little oil.

-Cool everything, make powder all these by adding turmeric.

-When salted lemon cools down, add this masala, mix and store this in an airtight bottle.

-After ten days, you can use this.

-I suggest storing this in a fridge so that its shelf life will be one year or more.


– If you want a little thicker consistency to take one and a half cup of water. If you wish to get, a thin consistency takes 2 cups of water.

  -Here I have taken 2 cups of water.

Guava Cheese/ Perad/halwa :

When the neighbour comes and hands me a big bag full of substantial sized overripe guavas, I knew, it is going to be a strenuous task. I need to deal with my mindset of ‘no wastage.’ First thing, came to my mind was my favourite Guava cheese.

When I was reading about the guava cheese, its origin, it traces back to Portuguese settlers in Brazil where it’s known as Goiabada. I am guessing that is how this recipe landed with them in Goa and is known as Perad/Peraad.

In simple terms, guava cheese is nothing but guava halwa. It doesn’t taste like cheese. Its texture is something you can easily bite into, yet is slightly chewy, somewhat like our Banana halwa, with a grainy texture, of course with added guava taste. Colour of the cheese depends on the variety of the Guava. If it is white, the colour turns our light brown, like mine. I usually mix a half red and half white variety of Guava to get beautiful hue.


Overripe Guava – 2kgs

Sugar – 800 grams to 1 kg (acc to your palette)

Salt – ½ tsp

Butter – 3 tablespoons

Lemon juice -1 tablespoon 


-Wash, chop the fruit into quarters—Cook with sufficient water for two whistles, cool.

-Pulse it in a mixer jar along with cooked water, sieve the Puree, separate the seed and its roughage.

-Weigh the pulp. For 2 kgs of pulp, I have taken 800 grams of sugar. You can take up to one kg if you prefer sweeter.

-Take one thick bottomed Kadai, add the pulp and boil for 20 minutes or until it starts boiling. Allow 10 minutes more to boil and add sugar and salt, continue to cook in a low flame.

-When the mixture turns pinkish brown add butter and proceeds to cook further. When it starts leaving the sides, add lemon juice, cook ten more minutes.

-Remove the mixture to the greased plate, leave 4 to 6 hours and then cut.

-Stays good for 3 to 5 months without any problem, at room temperature, stored in an airtight container.



Vegetable Pasta in Pumpkin Sauce:

Do you feel strange? While reading “pumpkin”, that too in pasta? No need to feel!! It tastes good at the same time; it is a delicious, nourishing one-pot meal. You can check all my Pasta recipes, which has one thing or the other to make enjoyable of otherwise bland white sauce, which I usually plan for my daughter, who hates bland Bechamel white sauce.

Pumpkin is the most neglected all-round vegetable, even though considered as fall/winter vegetable in other parts of the world. It is low in calories, high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as high on the natural source of Beta carotene. Hence, whenever I have a fresh homegrown pumpkin is around, I make Pumpkin puree and store it in my freezer. In that way, it is handy whenever it is needed to make pasta or needed for baking.

We would see the procedure –


Any pasta – 1 cup (of your choice)

Pumpkin Puree – ½ to ¾ the cup (according to your taste)

Veggies – 1 bowl (I have used zucchini, three colour bell peppers)

Butter or olive oil – 2 tablespoons

Whole wheat flour – 2 to 3 tablespoons

Milk – acc to the requirement

Garlic salt

Red chilli flakes

Italian seasoning

Grated cheese  – as you wish (it is purely optional )


– Drop pasta in boiling water in which,1 tsp of oil and little salt has been added and cooked.

-When it is done, drain the cooked pasta.

-Cool the pasta by pouring cold water and set aside.

– Chop the veggies and keep aside.

– Make white/pumpkin sauce: put some butter, fry wheat flour (3 TBL sp), add milk and mix nicely. Till it smooths out.

-Add pumpkin puree, drained pasta, garlic salt, red chilli flakes, Italian seasonings and give one boil, keep aside.

-I always keep pumpkin puree in the freezer. The recipe is here.

-In another Tawa, add either butter or olive oil, put chopped or sliced veggies, add req amount of red chilli flakes, garlic salt.

-when it wilts, add ready pumpkin sauce(wth pasta), grated cheese. Check for seasoning. Serve. 


Barbeque Oyster Mushrooms:

Oyster mushrooms are Fan-shaped, soft, with a mild Umami in flavour, when compared to button mushrooms. They appear in different colours starting from white, baby pink, cream, light grey etc. Mushroom is known for its low calorie, rich in protein, low in calorie aspects.

According to my daughters, it tastes much better than the button mushrooms and one of my twins who doesn’t love button mushroom started loving mushrooms by eating a pink variety of Oyster by seeing its cute colour :D. My family prefers simple olive oil, garlic salt and pepper tossed Oyster or Barbecue style (My jugaad style 😉 ) / marinated and baked version as a side dish or salad with fried rice or noodles. 

How I made:


Oyster Mushroom – 2 packs

Sriracha sauce – 1 tablespoon

Tomato ketchup – 1 tablespoon

Vinegar – 1 tsp

Soy sauce – 1 tsp

Brown sugar or Maple syrup – as needed

Black Pepper powder – ¼ tsp

Olive oil – 1 to 2 tablespoons


-Clean the mushrooms, drain thoroughly.

-Heat the olive oil, drop Mushrooms, roast it, and remove.

-Prepare the sauce by mixing all the sauces from Sriracha to black pepper. Marinate the roasted mushroom in this sauce for 10 to 20 minutes.

-Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 10 minutes and serve as you wish.

Note: You can use Iron Tawa to roast, instead of the oven.