Brined Mango:

“Neeru Mavinakayi” is what we call Brined mango, which is basically a firm fully grown, matured but un-ripened mango which is preserved in salt water. We usually relish this in the rainy season or in the off season by preparing some of our traditional dishes.

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For this we usually use wild mangoes, which are smaller in size and stays and tastes very good too for a long time.

Here in Bangalore, I don’t get wild variety and I usually pick a smaller sized mango, which is sour and locally it is used for pickle.

Now we will see how to proceed with this mango-


Raw, firm, well grown Mango – 3 kgs

Crystal Salt or table salt – 1 ½ to 2 cup

Drinking water – to immerse.

Glass Bottle – Big size


  • Select well grown, firm mangoes.
  • Wash, and keep it ready.
  • Take glass bottle or porcelain bottle, fill all these mangoes, put salt and pour water until all the mangoes are immersed.
  • Close the lid and keep this aside.
  • Next day morning, check for the salt and if water is not salty in taste, add little more and adjust.
  • Water should be salty and if it is done, keep this jar in a corner for a couple of months or until its outer skin becomes little lighter in colour.
  • When it is ready, you can use this for any brined mango recipe. I ahve shared Neerumavinayi chutney as well as Gojju and you can select the hyperlink to see.


Kadu Mavina hannina Sasive / Wild Mangoes in coconut and mustard sauce:

Wild mangoes are known as Kadu mavina hannu in our local language. Which is very fibrous, tangy as well as sweet in taste. It has distinct taste, it is widely used in varieties of curries in our region. This particular curry doesn’t need any heating and is a perfect treat for summer. Usually we enjoy this with hot rice.



Wild mangoes -5-6

Salt – to taste

Jaggery – to taste

Fresh Coconut gratings – 1 bowl

Red chillies – 2

Mustard – 1 tsp

Seasoning: Coconut oil – 1 tsp, mustard – 1 tsp, Red chilli – 1, Curry leaves – little.


–  Wash wild mangoes, remove top part of the mango, remove outer skin and keep this in a separate vessel. Keep inner fruit part in another vessel.

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  Add one cup of water to outer skin, mash nicely, collect pulpy water and add this to fruit. Discard outer remaining skin. Add required amount of jaggery, salt and mix.

  Grind fresh coconut, mustard and red chillies to a fine paste by adding little water.(No need to roast Chillies and mustard)

  Add this ground paste to mango and check for the seasoning. If needed add some more grated jaggery or salt.

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  Season by using coconut oil. When it is hot, add mustard, after it splutters, add red chilli and curry leaves, add this to mango curry.

  Enjoy this with hot rice.


-If you don’t have access to wild mango, don’t worry. Pick up any varieties of mango, peel the outer skin and chop the fruit into bite size pieces and proceed with above method.