Brined Mango:

“Neeru Mavinakayi” is what we call Brined mango, which is basically a firm fully grown, matured but un-ripened mango which is preserved in salt water. We usually relish this in the rainy season or in the off season by preparing some of our traditional dishes.

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For this we usually use wild mangoes, which are smaller in size and stays and tastes very good too for a long time.

Here in Bangalore, I don’t get wild variety and I usually pick a smaller sized mango, which is sour and locally it is used for pickle.

Now we will see how to proceed with this mango-


Raw, firm, well grown Mango – 3 kgs

Crystal Salt or table salt – 1 ½ to 2 cup

Drinking water – to immerse.

Glass Bottle – Big size


  • Select well grown, firm mangoes.
  • Wash, and keep it ready.
  • Take glass bottle or porcelain bottle, fill all these mangoes, put salt and pour water until all the mangoes are immersed.
  • Close the lid and keep this aside.
  • Next day morning, check for the salt and if water is not salty in taste, add little more and adjust.
  • Water should be salty and if it is done, keep this jar in a corner for a couple of months or until its outer skin becomes little lighter in colour.
  • When it is ready, you can use this for any brined mango recipe. I ahve shared Neerumavinayi chutney as well as Gojju and you can select the hyperlink to see.


3 thoughts on “Brined Mango:

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  2. Malehlaka Reply

    I love this recepe,can I use it for achaa/atchar?

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thanks for your interest in this recipe. We use these Mangoes in off season to make chutney, subzi etc. Yes, you can make use in achaar as well.

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