Peanut Cookies with Millet :

When I was trying out some recipes for 2019 Millet calendar, I dished out a couple of recipes, which had turned out super tasty, and at the same time, healthy too.

Here, I have used Samai rice which is known as Little millet in English. I had some little millet flour and made fresh Peanut powder at home and proceeded. It had turned out super delicious as well as creamy/buttery, and at the same time crunchy on the outside.


Samai flour/ any millet flour – 1 cup

Whole wheat flour – ¼ cup

Peanuts – 1 ½ cup (roasted)

Powdered Sugar or Jaggery – ½ cup

Salt – ½ tsp

Butter – 100 grams


-Grind peanut in a mixer jar as fine as possible.

-Take one bowl, cream butter and sugar, salt. Add flours, powdered peanut and make a dough.

– Make a uniform sized ball, arrange in a lined baking tray.

– Bake this for 12 to 14 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 170 C.

-When it is done, remove carefully and cool. Store this in an airtight container.

Ginger Molasses Cookies:

Molasses cookies are chewy compared to any normal cookies. If it is made with wholesome flour with added ginger flavour, there’s nothing like it. It finally transforms into an absolute delicious wholesome snack for small kids or elders. Here is my Healthy, no all-purpose flour Ginger Molasses Cookies.

It is easy to make, with no rolling or freezing. Make the dough, scoop it out, roll this in crystal sugar and bake. That is, it. Stays good for a week or more.

If you want to make a huge batch, follow as it is. Otherwise, please make it half and proceed. Here I have taken multi millet flour (morning porridge powder) and whole wheat powder. You can play with the flour or straight away use All purpose flour or whole wheat flour according to your choice.


Flour quantity – 4 ½ cup (porridge powder + whole wheat)

Butter – 300 grams (softened)

Brown sugar – 2 cups

Molasses / Jaggery syrup – ½ cup

Eggs – 2

Cooking soda – 4 tsps.

Ginger powder – 1 table spoon

Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp

Chocolate chunks/ chips – as needed (optional)

Salt – 1 tsp

Sugar – to coat


-Whisk all the dry ingredients (flour, cooking soda, ginger powder, Cinnamon powder, salt, chocolate chips.

-Take a big bowl or a processor, cream butter and sugar. Add eggs one by one and beat.

– Add molasses and beat one more time. Pour mixture of dry ingredients and prepare a dough.

-Place this dough (little sticky dough) in a fridge by closing a cling wrap, for one or two hours.

-Pre heat oven at 170 °C.

-Take out the dough, scoop out, roll the top part in crystal sugar and place it on the butter paper lined cookie tray.

-Bake for 12 to 15 minutes. Remove, cool and store it in an air tight bottle.


-If you don’t have Molasses, please melt half cup of jaggery powder in little water and boil until it is  thick and use it.

You can mix sugar crystals with half tsp of ginger and cinnamon powder to get more flavour.

I have made plain cookies as well as with chocolate chunk and both tastes equally good and stays good for many days.