Coconut-Fresh Coriander chutney (Grandma’s style)

One more recipe from Smitha, dear friend of mine.  which I always relish with Oats and rava idli is age old recipe of her grandma. Though I have done little changes to the original recipe, taste wise it is the same and if you like khatta meeta chutneys, this is for you to enjoy with vegetable Oats rava idlies or plain oats – rava idlies or Rava idli with oats.


Fresh Coconut, shredded – 1 Cup
Fresh Coriander – A little more than half cup
Green Chilies – 4 to 6

Tamarind – Size of a Gooseberry
Hing – ½ tsp
Jaggery – 1 & 1/2 Tablespoon
Oil – 2 tsp

For Tempering: Oil, Mustard, Curry Leaves


-Soak tamarind and jaggery in little bit of water to make it soft.

-Heat a pan. Add oil, Sauté the green chilies, until the outer skin looks partially white. Add the coconut and give it a mix. Once the coconut has turned warm, turn off the flame. Cool it.

– In a blender jar, put this mixture, along with tamarind-jaggery mix, hing, salt, fresh coriander and blend into smooth paste by adding water.

-Do seasoning, by heating oil, splutter mustard add curry leaves and add  ground paste, boil for 2 minutes.

-Cool and serve with Oats Rava idli. This chutney stays good for couple of days, under refrigeration.

Tamarind Pickle:

pic 1

Tamarind has a very important place in the Indian kitchen and it has loads of health benefits as well as it is a treasure of anti-oxidants and dietary fibres.

Indians love its tangy and sweetish taste and enjoy this in chutney, relish, digestive candies, pickles and more.

tamarind 1            tamarind 2

From childhood, I used to enjoy tamarind pickle and never knew about the recipe. Thanks to my brother-in-law who sourced the recipe and made it possible for me to enjoy this relish after so many years.

This is a family recipe of one of our friends from Mangalore and speciality of the local Jain community form coastal region.


Tamarind- 100 grams

Dried red chillies – 200 grams (Byadagi variety)

Jaggery – 250 grams

Salt – 8 to 10 teaspoons

Water – 3 to 4 cups

Fenugreek /methi seeds – 1 tea spoon

Cumin – 2 tea spoon

Gingelly oil – 1 to 2 table spoon.

Mustard – 1 tea spoon

Garlic – 5 to 6 cloves (crushed)

Curry leaves – 1 spring


  • Soak tamarind and grated jaggery in water for some time.
  • When it becomes soft, nicely squeeze out and sieve the liquid.

pic 9           pic 10

  • Discard all the roughage and fibres.
  • Dry roast methi and cumin.
  • Roast red chillies by putting very little oil.
  • Powder all the roasted items by using dry mixer jar.
  • Now keep one thick bottomed vessel on the gas stove, put oil and do seasoning.
  • When oil is hot, splutter mustard seeds, then add crushed garlic and curry leaves.

pic 11                pic 12

  • Pour tamarind and jaggery concentrate, salt, ground masala powder and boil.
  • After boiling it for some time, upper layer of the mixture will look glossy and it is the sign for its doneness.
  • Switch off the gas, cool this mixture completely and store it in dry glass bottles and keep outside for two days to set and afterwards keep it in the fridge.

pic 6

  • It will stay up to one year if you store it in the fridge.