Moringa / Drumstick leaves powder:

In our coastal area, we never used Moringa in any other form than using its pods which we call as drumstick as a vegetable. During my growing age, I tasted only drumstick in our style cooking. After marriage and coming to Bangalore, slowly I got used to its greens and blooms. My house- help, normally brings organic and home-grown drumstick greens in the spring season.

Moringa greens are packed with vitamins and nutrients and it is considered as a new superfood of the world. The leaves are rich in vitamins, calcium, iron and protein. I have read that, one ounce of moringa powder boasts seven times more vitamin C than oranges, 4 times more beta carotene than carrots, 3 times more potassium than bananas and 2 times more protein than yogurt.

Moringa leaves can be cooked like any other greens and included in our day to day cooking. Apart from that, we can dry it and keep it in a powdered form to add in our day to day consumption in the form of juice, smoothie or in seasonings. It is known to help with anxiety, lethargy, acidity, skin ailments and diabetes. After reading so much about this super food, I made an attempt to make homemade powder to include it in our diet and recipe is here –

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Moringa Fresh leaves


-Wash the greens as it is with small branches intact, without removing leaves. And drain water.

-Spread these greens on a clean cloth indoors. No sun light is needed for this.

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-After 2 days of drying, you will be able to remove all the tiny leaves without any hassles.

-Remove all the sticks and discard.

-Dry further for couple of days, until it is crisp to touch.

-Powder and collect fine powder by sieving.

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-Spread this fine powder and dry for couple of hours to remove any traces of moisture.

-Store this in a clean jar and use as needed.