Pepper flavoured Banana Chips:

Pepper flavoured banana chips can be prepared by using any local varieties of Raw banana or Semi ripe but firm Kerala plantain. Banana I have used is home grown, small variety which we call as Gali bale. One can use Yelakki or any other variety of banana which is Non-ripe, green one.

Colour of the chips is not bright unlike Kerala plantain chips. It is earthy and peppery in flavour.

Now we will proceed towards the recipe-


Green Banana – 10

Salt – 1 tbl sp

Water – 1 small cup

Coconut oil – To deep fry.

Chips slicer – to slice

Pepper powder – as needed


  • Apply some oil to your hand. To some extent it will protect your hand from blackening.
  • Take fresh, green plantain, wash properly. Peel the outer skin by using knife at the upper tip, use hand and proceed to peel till the bottom.
  • Immerse these peeled bananas in a bowl of water.
  • Take one small bowl of water and mix salt and keep is your salted water, which is used while frying chips.
  • Now you can keep coconut oil for heating. When it is very hot, start making chips. To test the hotness of oil, drop one small piece of plantain, if it pops up immediately, it is ready.
  • Take out plantain from water, pat dry and start slicing directly to the hot oil by using slicer.
  • Use one or two plantains at a time.
  • Keep flame at medium. When the slices of plantain cook, the bubbling sound of the oil becomes faint. Now you can add 1 tbl spoon of salted water, and you will hear lot of bubbles and bubbling sound. When the sound reduces, the chips are ready to be removed from the oil.
  • Remove the chips from the oil and keep them on a tissue-laid bowl and sprinkle some black pepper powder and mix by shaking the bowl up and down.
  • After cooling store, it in an airtight container and proceed with the remaining plantain.




Aviyal/Avial OR Avilu:

Aviyal is a mixed vegetable dish cooked in coconut gravy by adding some curd/yoghurt, Raw coconut oil and lots of curry leaves. It is an integral part of any festival cooking and It is believed that Bhima, one of the Pandava’s, invented this dish, during their exile period. Avial is a must dish during Onam Sadhya in Kerala. Aviyal is one of the favorite dishes of my family. I learnt this recipe from my mom-in-law. This is how we do this recipe in our family.   

pic mainIngredients:

Ivy gourd – 250gms.

Brinjal – 1

Snake gourd -1

Raw banana -1

Yam -250 grams.

Ridge gourd-1

Yard long beans -250 grams.

Bitter gourd -1

Coloured cucumber – 1

Raw mango-1 or Hog plum -4

Fresh grated Coconut – From one coconut.

Butter milk – 1 cup

Coconut oil – 6 tsp.

Jeera/cumin -1 tsp.

Dry red chilli – 2

Green chilli -4 to 5

Red chilli powder – 1tsp.

Turmeric Powder – 1tsp.

Curry Leaves- 5 springs.



1. Cut all the above-mentioned vegetables in a matchstick manner (slightly big pieces).     collage 1     

2. Take all the vegetables and slit green chilies in a heavy bottomed vessel. To this add little red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and little water and cook till the veggies are done.                           

3. In the meantime, prepare coconut paste by adding grated coconut, jeera, dry red chilli in a mixer jar. Add little water, grind and keep it aside.

4.When veggies are cooked add this coconut paste along with butter milk. Mix nicely.

5.To this mixture add lot of curry leaves and pour raw coconut oil. Press everything using back of the ladle, close tightly using a plate and continue cooking till it boils nicely.                            

6.Once it starts boiling, switch-off the gas and delicious avial is ready to serve.

7. You can enjoy this Avial with rice, roti or Neer Dosa.                  

 NOTE: -Try to add all the mentioned vegetables as much as possible.

            – Usage of coconut oil will give the authentic taste.