Herbal Hair Oil :

Oil massage is very useful for the hair. It helps in preventing dandruff, hair fall and split ends. At least once in a week we should oil our hair and scalp to prevent it from all these problems.



Traditional home made Herbal hair oil which we used to apply during our childhood contained so many rare ingredients like Bhringaraja, Bilvapatra etc. After marrying and settling in a bigger city, I had no access to these things and over the years I made some modifications to attain that goodness by mixing easily accessible ingredients from our surroundings.

This is how I prepare my yearly stock of very useful herbal hair oil.

Ingredients: Take some leaves from your surroundings like

-Brahmi (potted or any Mangalore store has it) you can use Brahmi powder as well.

-Rose leaves or Flowers.

-Curry leaves.

-Leaves of any variety of Jasmine.

-Tulsi leaves/Holy Basil

-Ixora flower bunch.

-Hibiscus flower and some leaves.

-Methi leaves or Stem or both combined.

-Little raw methi/Fenugreek seeds.

1- lemon.

-Coconut oil -1 liter.




-wash all these materials (other than raw methi) very well.

-Take your mixer jar. At first take raw methi and powder. Then add leaves and chopped lemon (with skin) .Grind this with sufficient water. Now Herbal concentration is ready.

-Now take one thick bottomed vessel. Mix this ground mixture with one litre Coconut oil and boil nicely.

-it is exactly like ghee making, but will take much longer time. At first you will see a frothy texture, but slowly the bubbling will stop and the liquid will become transparent .At the bottom you will see a brown thick fibre like structure. Now switch off the gas and keep it for cooling.

When it comes to room temperature, sieve this and collect this fragrant herbal oil in a clean vessel and discard bottom fibrous part. After collecting this oil, store this in a dry airtight bottle. Use this at least once a week and enjoy.