Mango Jam:

Who doesn’t love Mango? Unfortunately, all good things only last a while, but no worries, one can preserve mango by making some homemade jams to savour even after its season ends.!

I started making this Jam almost 3 years back and want to share my recipe before it vanishes from the market for this year. So, yesterday I made this and I’m sharing it with you all-

Thanks to my dear friend Poornima, who provides me with a whole lot of home grown organic Mango’s from their garden.


Now I will proceed towards the procedure-


Mango’s – 500 Grams

Sugar- 500 grams

Saffron – 8 to 10 strands

Red chilli flakes – 1 teaspoon


 Wash, Peel the mangoes and chop.

pic 1   pic 2

  Make puree by putting it in a mixer/ juice jar without adding any water.

pic 3   pic 4

  Sieve this pulp to remove fibres (Here I have taken little fibrous home-grown variety)

  Collect the smooth pulp and heat it in a low fire, until it starts boiling.

pic 5   pic 6

 Add sugar, saffron and red chilli flakes and cook until it is done.

pic 7  pic 8

  To check the doneness, take some water in a small bowl, drop the cooked mixture in it, immediately it should form a thick mass. If it dissolves, then you should proceed cooking.

 When it is done, remove from the fire and cool completely.

pic 10

 Store this in a clean, dry bottle and refrigerate.


-If you use very sweet mango, adjust the quantity of sugar.

-If you use Alphonso variety, no need of sieving and you can directly proceed towards cooking after making pulp.

– If Mango is very sweet, then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice at the end to give little tangy taste.