How to make Coconut Milk and Flour at Home:

If you are a person, who extracts coconut milk for kheer/ payasam like me, it is best suited for you.

Coconut flour is rich in fibre, low in calorie as well as carbohydrate, gluten free and very popular in flour less or grain free baking.

From past two years I am experimenting with various home made healthy flours and last week when I extracted milk from couple of fresh coconuts, I wanted to try this and proceeded.


First, we will see the Procedure for Coconut Milk Extraction:



Fresh coconut– 1 or 2

Water – 3 cups

Strainer – to extract the milk.


-Grate the coconut and collect the gratings. (If you are using some frozen fresh gratings, you can thaw and proceed).

-Next is a coconut milk extraction:

-Take fresh gratings, put one cup of water and grind into smooth paste and extract milk through sieve. This milk is a thick milk.

Ribbet collage 2

-Now once again take roughage of the coconut, put one more cup of water and grind, sieve the paste and it is our second extraction of milk.

-Repeat the process and take out a third extraction as well and Collect the roughage and it is the Raw material what we need to make coconut flour.


Now we will see how to make coconut Flour:


Now you will know, what is coconut flour?

It is nothing but dried form of this roughage that we have, after the extraction of coconut milk.

Take a dry towel, spread this roughage and air dry in a shaded place for a couple of days. That is it.


Your coconut flour is ready to use. When it has dried, it will be very dry and airy. It will appear like small beads.




6 thoughts on “How to make Coconut Milk and Flour at Home:

  1. Berthilda Mendes Reply

    Excellent idea so offen we throw it out after extracting juice thks God bless you for sharing.

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words Berthilda.

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  4. Jayashree Arun Reply

    Gives good texture if used in cakes.. I am using this flour since you have posted the procedure. Thank you for sharing..

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much Jayashree.

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