Lemon pickle with Green pepper corns and Mango ginger:

It is a plain, no masala pickle. You can feel the freshness of each ingredient in every bite. Taste of the pickle activates your taste buds and instantly uplifts the mood.  It is a perfect pair for plain curd rice, without even the added seasoning. It is very hard to explain the goodness of this pickle in words.

This pickle needs hardly any preparation. A cup of sea salt and couple of glasses of water. That is it.

Raw material can be mixed and matched according to the availability.

I had home grown Mango ginger rhizomes with me, hence added. It can be replaced by a plain, regular ginger and raw green pepper can be with chopped green chillies or small bird eye chillies.

When I saw these home-grown green peppers at my in-law’s place, I couldn’t resist and plucked some of the strings while returning. I used to love this pickle during my childhood and felt nostalgic by thinking about its taste. Wanted to introduce the same to my daughters and planned to prepare the same.

Green pepper corns are unripe pepper corns, which are berries. It has mild peppery flavour compared to black pepper. Pepper creepers are very common in our coastal houses. It will be seen hugging and climbing into either jack fruit tree or Areca tree.

We all know the goodness of pepper corns. If we mix this with Mango ginger and lemon, nothing like it. Mango ginger is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and lemon is for Vitamin C. It is an overall package of goodness which we feed to our body. 

This is how we normally prepare this pickle and it stays good for six months even without any refrigeration or added oil.


Lemon – 12 -15

Green pepper corns – 10 -12 strings

Mango ginger – 100 – 150 grams

Salt – 1 cup

Water – 2 cups


-Wash, all the three raw materials. Dry and keep it ready by air drying or wiping on a clean cloth.

-Chop Lemon into 8 pieces, mango ginger rhizomes into bite size pieces and remove pepper corns from its stalk.

-Boil water, salt until you see a white salty layer at the sides of the vessel.

-Add lemon, mango ginger and pepper to boiling salt water, cook for 2 minutes or until lemon peel is slightly bent outwards or pepper corns turns little lighter in shade.

-Switch off the gas. Cool completely and store it in a clean, glass jar.

-Within 4 to 5 days, it will be ready to consume.



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