Indian Gooseberry preserve/Amla Jam:

Indian gooseberry is a sour and tangy fruit with many medicinal values as it is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium etc. It is known as Nellikai in Kannada, Amla in Hindi. This berry has been used for years in Ayurvedic medicines as well as in Home remedies, because it is rich in antioxidants. I make it a point to store Amla in a couple of forms every year- normally by Sun drying and making a jam instead of doing traditional morabba etc.

Usually early morning, weekly 3 to 4 times I do include this jam in my breakfast. It is very good for hair, skin, eye sight and overall health of a human body.

How I make –

Amla/Gooseberry (grated)-1 cup 
Sugar -1 cup 
Water -1 cup 
Red Chilli powder-¼ tsp 
Black pepper powder -¼ tsp 
Kesar – 5 -6 strings 
jeera powder -½ tsp 
Turmeric -¼ tsp 
Salt -As per taste 


– Wash, cut open and remove the seeds. Put gooseberry either in food processor or chopper. U will get nice uniform chunks, or you can directly grate it.

-Take one thick bottomed pan, add water, grated amla, sugar. Mix well. Cook in low heat.

-When it is half done, add all the other masalas, salt and cook further.

-When mixture becomes shiny and forms a single thread, when you touch in between your fore finger and thumb.

-Switch off, cool and store it in a glass bottle.

-Stays good for one year, in cool weather like Bangalore.


4 thoughts on “Indian Gooseberry preserve/Amla Jam:

  1. Rosario Reply

    Nice n easy. Stays in normal condition or should be refrigerated?

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      I keep outside in Bangalore weather. No hassles.

  2. Winifred D Souza Reply

    I tried it came out very good

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much for trying as well as letting me know about it. I am so glad to read your feedback.

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