Mango Yogurt Parfait:

Everyone loves mango season and enjoy as much as possible before it vanishes from the fruit carts.

Today, I am sharing my little healthier version of mango parfait, when compared to other versions, which usually has loads of fresh creams.

Here, I normally use digestive biscuit base, hung curd with little fresh cream which is flavoured with fresh cardamom ( I like cardamom with mango πŸ˜€ ) , Chopped fresh fruit , lastly garnished with crushed almond praline (chikki).

Let us see the procedure , which suffice for 4 tall glasses –


For Biscuit base:

Digestive biscuits – 12

Sugar – 1 to 2 tbl sp of brown sugar ( can use normal sugar as well)

Butter – 1 tbl sp

For Fruit base:

Mangoes – 2 (Alphonso works well)

Sugar – 1 tsp

For Cream base:

Hung curd or yogurt – 1 to 1Β½Β  cup ( adjust accordingly)

Fresh cream – 50Β  to 100 grams ( adjust accordingly)

Sugar – 3 to 4 tbl sp ( according to your taste)

Cardamom powder – Β½ tsp

For Almond Praline: ( you can use cashew as well)

Brown sugarΒ  – 2 tbl sp ( you can use normal sugar as well )

Slivered almonds – Β½Β  cup

Butter – 1 tbl sp


-Make Praline by heating sugar until it turns brown liquid form without stirring or disturbing in low flame. When it turns golden, add almond, butter give a stir and spread on kitchen counter.

-When it is cool, take the crunchy block and crush by using pestle . keep aside.

-Now, Chop mangoes into small chunks, add sugar and give a stir and keep it in a fridge.

-Next, Biscuit base. Crush biscuits make a powder. Add sugar, butter, and mix all these by using your hand. It should hold the shape, while pressing in between your palm and fingers.

-Now, for the cream base, take a wire whisk ,beat hung curd, add cream, sugar, cardamom powder and whisk until it is creamy.

Now comes the assembling part:

-Take 4 tall glasses. First pour 2 spoons of yogurt mix. Over to that, biscuit crumb, then chopped mangoes.

-Repeat the same sequence: yogurt, crumb , fruit. Lastly divide all the leftover curd equally into 4 glasses at the top and garnish with almond praline and serve, enjoy your treat.









4 thoughts on “Mango Yogurt Parfait:

  1. Shanti Dharmaraj Reply

    Yummy n tempting πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you Shanti

  2. Sushma khandige Reply

    Hello,wil try this out.. What is the apt substitute for fresh cream in this recipe. I want to avoid fresh cream… And can we try this recipe with pineapple?

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Hi Sushma. If you want to avoid fresh cream, increase the quantity of hung curd, beat a little and use it. Don’t use sour curd. Pineapple should work, if it is sweet. Use finely chopped pineapple.

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