Salted jackfruit Vada / Sole vade:

Sole , uppad pachir , uppinalli hakida halasinakai , these are all different names of salted / brined jackfruit. Which is basically a firm fully grown, matured but un-ripened jackfruit which is preserved in salt water. We usually relish this in the rainy season or in the off season by preparing some of our traditional dishes.

Salting the jackfruit, side by side preparing the chips is part of our childhood memories – sort of a preparation for rainy season. Which used to be a family affair and real fun altogether. Now a days, if I need to do something, either ask mom or buy it locally from Mangalore stores . Last weekend got a fistful of brined jack from my sister in law and made this age old / my grand mom’s recipe. Which I used to relish during my childhood. Just before the process of putting the fresh ones, there used to be a process of cleaning and sterilising the porcelain jars or Barani.  Which used to include, the process of emptying last year’s stock as well 😀 . So, all these delicacies used to be a result of such operations 😉 . You can call this as Salted jackfruit Vada or thattai or Nippattu. We hardly need any preparation for this delicacy. Curry leaves is the main flavour over here.


Salted / brined jack – around 2 fistfuls

Rice flour – around ½ cup

Cumin – 1 to 2 tsp

Chopped green chillies – 2

Chopped curry leaves – around ½ cup

If needed – little salt.

Oil – to deep fry


-Soak salted jack in a big bowl of water. Wash couple of times to remove excess salt.

-If salt is excess, sometimes it needs little extra soaking time in fresh water.

-Squeeze and as much as possible, drain the water and grind jackfruit pieces in a mixer jar.

-After grinding into smooth paste, add cumin, chopped green chillies, curry leaves, and mix it nicely.

-Now, take required amount of rice flour and make a pliable dough.

-Check for the salt, if needed add and adjust.

-Take one small piece of banana leaf or  butter paper. Pat small Vada.

-Heat oil and deep fry like any other deep-fried savouries. Enjoy with your evening tea or coffee.



3 thoughts on “Salted jackfruit Vada / Sole vade:

  1. Sneha Reply

    Wow…looks so crisp and yum…

  2. Sneha Reply

    Wow…looks so crisp and yum… thanks for the recipe

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you Sneha

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