Omum and dry ginger Tambli:

Omum/ Ajwain/ carom seeds are the lesser-known spice of our Indian Kitchen. Our moms turn their hands whenever we complain about bloating or Indigestion and feed us Omum water by infusing it with water. It has been known for its benefits in treating bloating and diarrhoea due to intestinal inflammation for ages.

As we all know, Carom seeds have Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal properties. We are here, Combining Carom with dry ginger, which has the capacity of cleansing our digestive system and nourishing our body. The taste of the tambli is so refreshing and soothing.

—such a simple preparation.

I learnt this recipe from my Foodie friend, Lakshmi Akka.


Carom seed/ omum – ½ tsp

Grated dry ginger – ¼ tsp

Ghee or coconut oil – ½  tsp

Grated Fresh Coconut – ½ cup

Buttermilk – 1 serving spoon


Take ½ tsp of ghee or oil, fry omum and dry ginger.

-Grind fried items, coconut, salt and water to make a smooth paste.

-Add buttermilk adjust the consistency by adding water.

-If you like seasoning on tambli like me, please go ahead and heat some ghee add cumin and curry leaves. Pour on Tambli and enjoy it as a soothing drink or with Hot Rice.

5 thoughts on “Omum and dry ginger Tambli:

  1. Lakshmi jhansi Bhat Reply

    Appreciate your healthy thoughts and really thanks -giving credit to my recipe .Wish happy life you &everyone

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much akka.

  2. M B vishwanath Reply

    Madam this is one very useful tip for me. Thank you so much 😊. Will try this whenever I get those symptoms. Thanks again . Hope it’s ok to take dry ginger and omam infused butter milk at times.

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much, sir.

    2. Shrikripa U Reply

      Sir, you can take it as infused water or with buttermilk.

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