Raw /Green Tomato Chutney:

Green Tomatoes are firm, unripe and tangy compared to Ripened Red Tomato. Green tomatoes are rich in nutrition and antioxidants.

Raw/Green tomato Chutney makes a delicious accompaniment to South Indian breakfast and is easy to make. When I have homegrown tomatoes, it is a must condiment in our household. Today, I am sharing our favourite, much-loved recipe with you all.

Here is how to make it,


Raw/ Green tomatoes – 4 to 6 (depending on the size)

Oil- 1tbl sp

Cumin – 1tsp

Garlic cloves – 10 to 12

Green chillies – 4 to 5

Puffed chana / Hurigadle/ Pappu – 1 tbl sp

Coconut – ½ cup

Coriander leaves – 2 tbl sps



-Take one tawa, heat one tbl sp of oil, then cumin, chopped green chillies, garlic and roast. Then add chopped tomatoes and fry until it wilts by adding salt.

-Switch off the gas when tomatoes wilts, add puffed chana and coconut and fry for 2 minutes. Cool the mixture.

-Grind this by adding coriander leaves. Enjoy with Dosa, Rotti or idli.

Nacho’s Aloo Chat:

This 72nd Indian Independence Day, my daughters’ school had organised a fund-raising event and my daughters wanted to make a couple of attractive dishes with no usage of gadgets, on the spot kind of menu. They made a group of 9 kids and chalked down ideas decided to do Nachos. One dish was nachos with dips and deciding one more item was the task. Finally, I also chipped in and after a couple of ideas we all finalised with the Nacho aloo chat.

Now started my headache of deciding on how to make it, quantity of the ingredients etc. Because quantity was huge, and preparation should happen at the early morning as well.  Kids wanted to do a food photography for their banner and board to hang in their food stall. I grabbed the opportunity and thought of making Aloo chat for their group which contained 9 students. Last Sunday, made tamarind and date chutney, and went ahead with one kg of potato. So, that I would know, how many plates we can make from this much.

After preparing and plating, it turned out well and kids were happy with the dish as well as they enjoyed the activities of banner making, painting the board and food photography as well.

I was relieved and finalised the quantity. Why I made this post is – it is a perfect dish for any parties and this mixture turned out very good and as a tasty sandwich stuffing as well, with a little grated cheese.

 Pic by : Aneesh Navanale

Let us see how I planned and proceeded.

Event was on Wednesday morning.

Sunday, I made tamarind and Date chutney and stored it in a fridge.

Monday, I made Mint and coriander chutney and stored it in a fridge.

Tuesday night before going to bed, cooked whole potatoes, drained and kept it for cooling.

1 kg of potato yields 10 to 12 plates of chat. So, used 5 kgs of potatoes for around 50 to 60 plates.

Wednesday morning peeled the potatoes, diced into small bits and proceeded.

Khatta Meeta tamarind and Dates chutney:

Ingredients :

Dates – 200 grams (please adjust according to its sweetness)

Tamarind – 100 grams (please use according to sourness of the tamarind)

Jaggery – As needed.

Green chillies – 2

Red chilli powder

Black Salt or Sea salt – very little

Roasted cumin powder


-Mine is home grown, hand cleaned tamarind, so I went ahead as it is. If it is store bought one, please remove any impurities.

-Boil one to two cups of water, soak tamarind and pitted dates in it.

-After an hour, grind this in a mixer grinder by adding 1 or 2 green chillies. You will get very smooth paste.

-Adjust the consistency by adding water and boil. While boiling add red chilli powder, salt, cumin powder and required amount of jaggery.

Once cooked, raw smell of dates, tamarind and jaggery is vanished, switch off the gas.

Cool completely and store it in a refrigerator.


  • I usually prefer to make little thicker version. So that, if thicker or thinner version is needed, scoop out a little from this batch, adjust by adding little water.
  • Adjust the ingredient according to your taste.
  • One can add more jaggery if mixture is sour.

Green chutney/ Mint – Coriander chutney:

This is my basic sandwich chutney, which I usually make and store it in a fridge for an emergency use.


Coriander – ½ bunch.

Pudina – 1 small bunch

Green chillies – 1 or 2

Garlic – 2 cloves

Cumin – 1 tea spoon (without roasting)

Dry mango powder – ½ tea spoon


Sugar or jaggery – ½ tea spoon

Ready sev or boondi – 2 to 3 tea spoons (to give thickness)


-Wash coriander, pudina, green chillies, drain, chop.

-Put everything and grind in a mixer grinder by adding required amount of water.

-I normally store this as a thick chutney. So that if it is sandwich, use as it is like a spread. If it is chat, adjust the consistency by adding water.

For Aloo Chat:

 Pic by : Aneesh Navanale

I am giving here for the quantity of one kg potato. Which will yield approximately 12 plates of ready chat.


Potato – 1 kg

Tomato – 3 (big)

Onion – 2 (big)

Lemon – ½ to 1

Green Coriander – As needed

Black salt – As needed

Cumin powder – As needed

Chat masala – As needed

Dry mango powder – As needed

Sweet chutney – As needed

Green chutney – As needed

Nacho chips – As needed

Corn mixture – As needed

Thin Sev – As needed


Wash potato,cook whole potatoes by immersing in water by adding very little salt ( potato should absorb very little salt) for one whistle in a pressure cooker, drain and keep it for cooling.

-When it is cool, peel outer skin,dice potatoes in to small chunks. Chop onion and tomatoes in to small pieces.

-Chop coriander as well.

-Take one big bowl. Mix in chopped potatoes, onions, tomatoes.

-Pour sweet chutney, green chutney, black salt, cumin powder, chat masala, dry mango powder and lemon juice and adjust the seasoning according to your taste.

-Take a serving plate, spread nacho chips at first.

-As a second layer, spread potato mixture over chips layer.

-Sprinkle corn mixture, sev , chopped coriander and serve.

Potato and cheese / Aloo Sandwich:

If this above ready mixture is available, you can make and serve awesome tasty sandwiches as well.

Just take a couple of breads. Spread aloo mixture over one bread. Grate some cheese and close with another slice of bread. Apply some butter and grill or roast it on Dosa tawa and enjoy.

Plantain / Banana Flower Chutney:

We call Coconut tree as a Kalpavriksha. In my opinion Banana plant also should come under this category, because almost every part of the banana plant is used in some way or the other.

The leaves, flowers, fruits, stem, stem fibre etc. Nothing is wasted over here, and it is very useful in many ways.

The male banana flower is purple coloured, dome shaped, and can be seen hanging at the bottom of every fruit bunch. In banana plant, female flowers appear first and appear as a hand like structure in clusters. These female flowers will develop as the real fruit, which we normally eat, and male flowers will remain intact in layers of purplish outer bracts.

After fruit matures, we harvest the fruit and use the male flower that we see at the end of the fruit bunch in cooking. It is loaded with fibre, anti-oxidants, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins and all other minerals. Flower is used mainly to treat constipation and anaemia in villages of our native in and around Mangalore.

This Chutney recipe is handed down to me by my amma (mother), and I used to relish this from my childhood. It is a perfect combination with hot rice, topped with fresh home-made ghee. We can feed this to small toddlers as well.

DSC04353_Fotor main


Banana flower – 1

Cumin – 1 tea spoon

Pepper – 1 tea spoon

Tamarind – ½ tea spoon


Water – 1 bowl

Curd – 1 serving spoon

Grated coconut – 1 cup

For Seasoning:

Ghee – 1 table spoon

Cumin – ½ teaspoon

Curry leaves – 1 spring


-Wash banana flower from outside and remove outer purple bract (remove 2 layers) and discard.

Ribbet collage 1

-Now take one bowl of water with 1 serving spoon of curd and mix and keep it ready. (This water will avoid decolouration of the chopping’s)

-Start chopping banana flower from the tip (refer picture)

Ribbet collage 2

-Keep on adding chopped part to curd water.

-While chopping, whenever outer shell opens by itself, discard that and proceed chopping.

– After chopping is done, drain the curd water and collect the banana flower chopping’s.

-Take one vessel, add chopping’s, salt, pepper, cumin, tamarind, 1 cup water and cook.

Ribbet collage 3

-When it is done, remove from the fire and cool.

-Add coconut, required amount of water and grind the content.

-Now take one tawa, add ghee, cumin, curry leaves and pour the ground mixture and boil.

DSC04355_Fotor main 1

-This chutney will stay good for a couple of days under refrigeration and can be served either with hot rotis or with rice.


Cucumber Chutney:

When I saw this chutney recipe in our Facebook Foodie group, I was attracted mainly because of the veggie. One of my daughters loves cucumber and I tried this recipe by pairing it with very mild flavoured Fresh chick peas Pulav. It was a pair made in heaven, and everyone liked this chutney, not only with the Pulav, but also with rice, Dosa or chapati. 

This recipe is by Jayanth Desai one of our Foodie member and all thanks to him for sharing this flavourful chutney of North Karnataka region.



Cucumber – 2 (grated)

Green chillies – 3 to 4

Curry leaves – 2 strings

Turmeric – ½ tea spoon

Oil – 1 table spoon

Hing – ¼ tea spoon

Cumin – 1 tea spoon

Peanuts – 5 tea spoons

Sesame seeds – 2 tea spoons

Tamarind – gooseberry size

Jaggery – small piece



Oil – 1 tea spoon

Mustard – ½ tea spoon

Peanut – 1 tea spoon


-Dry roast sesame seeds until it splutters.

-Dry roast peanuts. Keep aside.

Ribbet collage 1

-In the same pan, heat oil, add hing, cumin, curry leaves, green chillies and fry for a minute.

-Add grated cucumber, turmeric and fry until cucumber changes in colour and cooks.

Ribbet collage 2

-Cool the mixture.

– Take one mixer jar, add roasted sesame, peanuts and make powder.

-To this, add cooled cucumber mixture, jaggery, tamarind and salt.

– If necessary, add very little water and blend into smooth paste.

-Do seasoning by heating little oil, mustard and peanuts.

-Serve as you wish.