Paddu or Guliyappa is a very popular South Indian breakfast item. Which is nothing but Dosa batter or idli batter which is seasoned with some onion and poured and cooked in an appe pan, which normally has 7 or 9 small round molds. Traditionally, people use left over batter to make this delicacy to finish off the batter. But, personally I prefer to make fresh batter to make only this, because my family just loves this, and we enjoy our dose of guliyappa in any given point of time.

These super tasty roundels have many names in south Indian kitchens. In coastal region we call this as Guliyappa, In Bangalore, it is known as Paddu. In Tamilian house hold it is Kuzhi paniyaram, Telugu it is Gunta ponganalu, Malayalm it is Paniyaram. All the above which means that, a dish which is cooked in an appe pan.

My procedure goes like this-


Dosa rice – 2cups

Urad dal – ½ cup

Poha – one fist full


Spring onion – as needed (onion and greens)

Coriander leaves – as needed

Ghee/ oil – for cooking


-Wash and soak rice, urad dal and poha. Soak for 2 to 3 hours.

-Grind this into smooth batter by adding salt.

-Consistency should be a little thicker than Dosa batter.

-Ferment this over night or according to your climatic conditions.

-Next day, add chopped coriander and spring onion and mix in.

-Heat appe or Paddu pan. When it is hot, pour ¼ tsp of ghee or oil.

-Pour the batter in each mold and close the lid and cook for a couple of minutes.

-Flip the side and cook upper side as well.

-Serve with chutney. We normally prefer Zucchini chutney as a side dish for Paddu.

-Repeat the process and enjoy your breakfast or brunch or dinner.

Note: If you want to make it vegan, use any vegetable oil and skip ghee.

Spring Onion Akki Rotti:

 Akki Rotti is a traditional Breakfast item of Karnataka. Usually it is prepared either by adding chopped greens, grated veggies or only onion. Here I have added chopped spring onion greens as well as bulbs, which is mixed with rice flour to form a thick pliable dough to make super tasty gluten free flat bread. I have served it with coconut and onion chutney, which we traditionally prepare in a Mangalore house hold.

pic main


Rice flour – 3 cups

Spring onion -1 bundle

Green chillies – 2


Fresh Coconut gratings – 2 table spoons

Water – to bind

Oil – to fry the rotti.


  Wash and clean the spring onion and green chillies.

Chop green chillies, spring onion greens and bulbs finely.

 Take one wide steel bowl and mix in rice flour, chopped green chillies, spring onions, coconut gratings, salt.

 Make a pliable dough by adding sufficient water.

Keep it aside for 5 to 10 minutes to absorb all the seasoning as well as to soak.

 When you want to make rotti, take one piece of banana leaf or butter paper.

Take a little rotti dough in your moist hand, and start patting in a circular motion by dipping your hand in a water in-between.

Sprinkle one teaspoon of oil over this patted rotti and keep it ready.

 Heat iron griddle and cook oil sprinkled rotti by putting upside down on it.

After 2 to 3 minutes, peel off banana leaf or butter paper.

Sprinkle little oil over it and flip.

Cook and serve hot with Onion and coconut chutney.


-Keep one bowl of water in a reachable distance to dip your hand in-between.

-While patting the rotti, dip your hand in a bowl of water which you have kept aside.

– wetting your hand will help to avoid the dough sticking to your fingers while patting.