Homemade Maaza / Mango Juice:

Hi all. Today I bring to you Homemade Maaza !

Everyone knows what maaza is, but now you can also make it at home without any artificial flavors or preservatives and it tastes exactly the same!

My kids love this very refreshing bottled drink.So, I tried it at home and I make it a point to prepare it every year in Mango season 🙂



Ripe mangoes –    5

Raw (thothapuri) mango – 1 ½

Sugar – almost 2 ½ cup (according to taste)

Salt – ½ tsp.

Method : –

-Wash Ripe mangos and raw mangoes remove outer skin and chop it. Quantity should be 2:1 (ripe mango will be more and raw mango will be less).

pic 1

-Now take these chopped Mango pieces in the cooker, add around 2 cups of sugar, little water (up to mango pieces)

pic 2

-Cook this for two whistles, switch off the gas, when pressure releases, open the lid and cool the mixture.

pic 3

-When it becomes a little cool, blend this mixture by using hand blender or mixer grinder.

pic 4

-Now add required amount of water (check thickness while adding ) till you get required amount of thickness like store bought maaza .

pic 5

  • After achieving required thickness, add salt, check for sweetness, if u feel u need some more sugar, add and mix nicely.
  • After all the adjustment ,take one vessel and sieve this mixture and discard the fiber part.

pic 6

  • Collect this smooth juice in a clean bottle and keep this for cooling in a fridge. Serve and enjoy this juice after cooling.

pic 7

  • I got 3 liters of juice with the quantities I specified.

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