Homemade Vegetable stock /Broth:

Vegetable stock is always handy while preparing clear soups or any other soups, as a base and is one of the main key ingredients for any Chinese gravy and one pot meal etc.  I especially like my vegetable stock in soups and Chinese gravy. It gives a depth and enhances the flavour of the dish in any sorts of cooking. Making this at a home is very easy job and not at all time consuming. It can be stored in the fridge for up to one week.

vegetable stock main

Here comes my recipe – Take a cooker, add roughly chopped veggies and herbs like Lemon grass, leek outer leaves and leaf tops (you can use fresh ones in a leek soup), carrot, tomato, beans, cabbage, cauliflower stalk or couple of heads, Coriander stalk (stalk gives very nice aroma) celery stalk -2, pepper corns -5 and garlic cloves -4.      


Add water (till veggies immerse in water) pressure cook for two whistles, when pressure releases, strain it and collect the stock, keep it in handy for soup making or cooking.


-You can add or delete any of the ingredients. I personally like lemon grass flavour and try to incorporate it every time.






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