Sattu ka Burfi:

Sattu is nothing but Roasted gram flour, we commonly call this as pappu, Putani kadle or Huri kadle, which is a power house of protein and used mainly in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

In our coastal belt, it is used as a time pass snack and not for cooking. Last week when I came across this flour in our local store, I was curious to know about this new ingredient and asked about the flour in our Facebook Foodie group.

I was attracted to this recipe the most and I tried it, all thanks to Rajendra Shirol who hails from Gadag. According to him, this is also known locally as “Local Karadantu” which is sold in their temple car festivals.

pic 4


Sattu powder – 1 ½ cup

Sugar – 1 ½ cup

Milk – ½ cup

Water- ½ cup

Dry fruits – 1 cup

Edible gum – 50 grams

Ghee – 2 table spoon

Cardamom powder- ½ tsp


  • Chop or crush dry fruits. Here I have taken cashew and almond bits.
  • Take one steel plate and apply some ghee and keep aside.
  • Take one thick bottomed tawa, put 1 tsp of ghee and fry edible gum until it puffs, cool and powder it in a small mixer jar.

gum collage

  • In that same kadai, add one tsp of ghee and fry dry fruits and keep aside.
  • Mix Sattu powder, dry fruits, cardamom and edible gum in one bowl and keep aside.
  • Now take sugar, water and milk. Cook until it attains one thread consistency. Add Sattu powder mix, which we have kept it aside by mixing all the other ingredients.

pic 6   pic 5

  • Add remaining ghee and heat this mixture for 5 more minutes, until it leaves the sides of the tawa.
  • Pour these mixtures to ghee applied steel plate and leave this for half an hour.
  • When it is cool a little, mark and cut this as desired.

pic 1

  • After cooling, store this in an air tight container.
  • Local karadantu or Sattu ka Burfi is ready to enjoy and it is very healthy too.



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    Really a nice sweet …it is a quick make sweet.We the people in north karnataka loves it.

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much for the recipe sir.

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