Plantain/Raw banana flour:

Plantain flour is a powdered form of dried banana, which can be a good raw material for any healthy baking or cooking, for people who follow Paleo, Vegan, gluten-free diet and it is diabetic friendly and organic too. Last month when I was thinking about gluten-free baking and options regarding its flours, what immediately comes to mind is our day to day available ingredient- the cheaper, more nutritious alternative to commercially available gluten-free flours. I have seen banana flour as baby food in my native and people prepare this flour at home and feed their babies as a healthy top food. Keeping that in my mind, I headed towards preparing homemade banana flour. I took small varieties of homegrown bananas from my native and started my journey.

pic 1


Raw bananas – 1 kgs


-Select firm and raw bananas.

-wash, peel outer skin and immerse in plain water.

collage 1

-Take one wide, big plate. Line with one clean towel.

-Slice bananas directly on towel. Keep this in bright area, either near window sill or under sunlight.

collage 2

-If you keep under sunlight, it will take 2 days to dehydrate and become crisp.

-If you keep indoors, it will take 4 days to dehydrate.

-After it becomes crisp and dry, powder this in a dry grinding jar in a mixer grinder.

-Sieve the mixture and collect the fine powder.

pic 2

-Such a simple method and you will be ready with your gluten-free healthy flour for any of your bakes or for cooking!

4 thoughts on “Plantain/Raw banana flour:

  1. shilpa jain Reply

    Hello mam
    I Shilpa Jain want to know more abt plantain for my 7month old baby.As it’s written in ur post it’s most healthy for babies. .so how n howmuch to use,pls guid.

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Hi Shilpa,
      Initially you can take 1 tsp of banana powder,1/4 cup of water,1/2 tsp of jaggery and boil till it cooks. If your kid likes this and ready to have, gradually you can increase the quantity.
      If you are interested in home made cerelac, I will give you my recipe. You can see in this link -

  2. Annalyn Reply

    Hi, can this flour be made from the any green banana??

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Yes,you can use any firm raw bananas.

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