Beet and apple salad:

Low calorie eye pleasing, wholesome salad . This is a very light and tasty salad and at the same time, crunchy and healthy too. This salad gets its pink colour from boiled beetroot. Dressing is very light with the usage of hung curd in it. It is a complete meal by itself with loaded nutrients.


Beetroot – 1 big.

Apples – 2

Lettuce – 6 -8 leaves

Vinegar – 1 tb Sp.

Dressing: Hung curd – 1 cup , mayonnaise – 2 tb spoon ,garlic salt ,sugar -1 tsp ,English mustard – 1 tsp.

Garnish : roasted nuts of your choice


-Wash beetroot , peel outer skin and chop it into finger shaped pieces. Take one cooker and put some water and cook . After one whistle ,switch off ,cool and drain and mix vinegar to this and keep this  atleast for 2 hrs in the fridge.

-When you want to prepare salad , mix all the ingredients listed under dressing and keep it ready.

-Chop Apple . Make lettuce strips and add this to prepared dressing ,add in marinated beet too and mix.         


-While serving ,garnish with roasted walnuts/pine nuts or any other nuts of your choice and enjoy.




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