7 cup Amrutha phala / Coconut Milk Fudge

I want to wish my dear readers a very happy Deepavali and blessed year ahead. Today I want to share a dessert recipe which is close to my heart. This dessert has a special place in my heart as it brings back many fond memories of my childhood. This dessert was our treat during summer vacation time in my maternal grandma’s place. This dessert is known as Amrutha phala in Kannada, our regional language.

Original Amrutha phala recipe requires continuous stirring of coconut milk and milk concoctions for about two to three hours. To suit today’s busy life my aunt made some changes to the original recipe so that we can prepare this dish easily without compromising on the taste. This is an easy to prepare, melt in your mouth kind of fudge prepared using coconut milk as the main ingredient. Coconut milk gives very mild yet aromatic flavor to this dish. I prepared this seven cup Amrutha Phala on the auspicious occasion of Deepavali. Now let’s see how to prepare this recipe-

Amrutha main


Coconut milk – 1 cup

Milk-1 cup

Clarified butter/ Ghee-1 cup

Gram flour/besan -1 cup

Sugar – 3 cups


-Take thick bottomed pan. To this add milk, coconut milk and sugar, keep this for boil.

Ribbet collage 1
-In another vessel, heat clarified butter/ghee. When it is hot, switch off the gas. To this add gram flour and keep aside.

Ribbet collage 2
-When milk mixture reaches “One thread” consistency, add gram flour mixture and mix continuously up until sides of the pan becomes little brownish.

-It takes around 10 to 15 minutes. Mixture will leave the sides, base and sides of the vessel will become light brown (it is the indication to remove)

Ribbet collage 3

-Now pour this mixture to a greased plate, cool it for about 5 min.

Ribbet collage 4

-Using a sharp knife now make mark on the dessert and once it is completely cooled, remove the pieces and store it in an air tight container.

Your amrutha phala is ready to serve!

5 thoughts on “7 cup Amrutha phala / Coconut Milk Fudge

  1. Chitra Kamath. Reply

    Really Excellent SWEET, Thank u so much.

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Thank you so much Chitra

  2. Chitra Kamath. Reply

    Really Excellent Sweet, Thank u

  3. Deepthi Reply

    Kripakka, can we use tin coconut milk for this?

    1. Shrikripa U Reply

      Hi Deepthi. I have tried with tinned coconut milk as well. The outcome does vary a bit. You can try it out.

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